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Dan Noble, M.S.

Years of experience: 30
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Noble established Noble Resources Group (NRG) to provide bioproduct intelligence, and strategic consulting for organics re-cycling  enterprises. He provides the integral leadership that is the foundation of NRG's unique market assessment approach.

Dave miles, MBA

Years of experience: 10
Position: Business Development

Before partnering with Noble Resources Group, Dave received his MBA and has worked with clients to develop multiple bioproducts businesses.  

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John lehman, PHd

Years of experience: 30
Position:  Data Architect

Dr. Lehman has a PhD in Molecular Biology and 30 years experience designing and building database tools and embedded data collection systems. He leads the database design team and is also involved in new business development.

We provide a quantitative, market-based feasibility assessment and capacity development service to support your integrated investments in:

  • Organic residual feedstock access – assess quality, availability, and dynamics of material flows
  • Processing technologies – analyze options to transform feedstocks into marketable products
  • Product portfolio development – assess markets to determine the most viable and profitable
  • Capital formation – compare and contrast options for your project and facility finance
  • Project/Market Integration – combine all elements to support a successful enterprise

The NRG team provides a unique package of intelligence gathering and project management services for each capacity development opportunity.  The package includes four integrated market elements of feedstocks, technology, bioproducts and capital, with one or more of the following action steps:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Valuation and Finance
  • Permitting and Entitlements

NRG was formed to apply its decades of team member experience in science, industry, and market intelligence gathering and reporting, along with business development in the solid waste, water, wastewater and compost industries.  That depth of understanding and experience is used to provide its clients:

  • Focus:  Our team is exclusively focused on the developing an integrated bioproducts industry.
  • Framework: We use “a market assessment framework” that is both intuitive and accessible.
  • Quantitative Analysis:  We have biological science and business backgrounds and are constantly building information, models, and reports based on our own proprietary database as well as various public data sources.
  • Flexibility:  We know that every situation has unique characteristics and needs. Strategies and investments must serve the explicit and implicit needs of each of our clients.
  • A Comprehensive Approach:  We use a whole-systems perspective that comprehends multiple market, technology, investment, and human domains in our assessments, analyses and strategies.
  • An Integrated Perspective:  We know from experience that it is essential for all parts of an organic production program and process to harmonize into smooth operating whole in order to work properly.
  • Intelligent Analysts:  We work with highly educated, thoughtful associates and technology providers.
  • Pragmatism:  We know that a strategy is only as good as its workability. We are focused on producing tangible, measurable, and successful results for our client’s projects.

NRG provides market analysis, enterprise strategy and facility development services to public and private organics residual generators,  system managers, and bioproducts manufacturers.

stewart Borie, MBA

Years of experience: 30
Position: Financial Strategy

Strategic Advisor, Business Consultant, Business Coach, Life Coach and C-level advisor, specializing in international entrepreneurial management and finance. Mr. Borie has capital formation experience of over $250MM.


Deliver sustainable market-based bioresource management solutions to businesses and communities.

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